Examples from Europe


The following examples are located in Europe:



Access to Literature and Cultural Knowledge with SignLibrary

Financing of special needs education


The development of an assessment resource guide


Young Views – Young Voices



Developing inclusive values and a 'culture of togetherness' in Austria


SignOnOne – English language course for deaf people


Training Sign Language Teachers in Austria



Teacher Education for Inclusion in Belgium (Flemish speaking community)



Inclusive Society for Inclusive Education



Joint Action – working with families in Copenhagen


Raising awareness of autism in Denmark



Building for Independence - Developing the Accessible School


Co-operative teaching for inclusion


Social integration and inclusion in Finland


Teacher Education for Inclusion in Finland


Using the NeliMaali-teaching method to include all learners



Continuing Professional Development for Teachers in Ireland


Exploring the use of ‘Kids on the Block’ puppet programmes to raise awareness of autism and deafness in primary schools


Inclusive Science


Special Education Support Service (SESS)


The Trinity Inclusive Curriculum Initiative



Reducing barriers and increasing participation in the classroom – action research and self-evaluation



The development of SAN MIGUEL Primary Education Resource Centre, Malta


The move towards a more inclusive system in Malta



Promoting Inclusive Practice in Moldova



A systems approach towards inclusive classrooms and inclusive schools in Norway



Inclusive Education in Portugal



Preparing psychologists to use educational technology to support the inclusion of people with visual impairment



Including children with pervasive developmental disorders


Inclusive Education: a way to promote social cohesion



How do you create a school for all?


Support for students w ith disabilities in higher education in Sweden


The development of materials to empower students with mild intellectual disabilities and increase their inclusion in society


The Stordammen Value Foundation


Using ICT to support inclusion in Sweden


United Kingdom

The Inclusive Practice Project: Teacher Education for Inclusion at the University of Aberdeen


There’s room for everyone in our school