About the IEA project


The IEA project aims to bridge the ‘policy to practice’ gap. It shows some of the actions taken by people in a whole range of settings and situations to address the policy concerns in the UNESCO Guidelines. We recognise that it is not always possible to ‘transfer’ policy and practice between situations and settings which are very different – in terms of political, economic, social and cultural backgrounds. However, the IEA project will support policymakers by providing some interesting and inspirational examples that will be a stimulus for ideas and discussion.


The examples link to the suggested actions in the policy guidelines – which in turn address the key policy concerns and policy questions. If you are interested in a particular area, you can access examples by exploring policy concerns, policy questions,or gaps to be resolved. To search examples, access them via thematic areas, geographical regions / countries, suggested actions or by the type of materials (e.g. photographs, videos etc). And of course you can make use of the full text search function available at the bottom of the lefthand menu.


Project Background

If you would like to know more about the background to the project and the methods used to develop the criteria for selecting examples, click here to download the paper 'The IEA Framework and Rationale'. This document provides information on the conceptual basis for the project (changing conceptions of inclusion, inclusion and the quality debate and inclusive education – a common understanding), the rationale for the development of the framework of criteria and also the project methodology.


Download the project flyer in various languages:

العربية(PDF, 905 KB) - Čeština (PDF, 820 KB) - Dansk (PDF, 786KB) - Deutsch (PDF, 812 KB) - Eesti keel (PDF, 786 KB) - Eλληνικά (Ellinika) (PDF, 823 KB) - English (PDF, 783 KB) - Español (PDF, 793 KB) - Français (PDF, 793 KB) - Íslenska (PDF, 792 KB) - Italiano (PDF, 808 KB) - Latviešu valoda (PDF, 819 KB) - Lietuvių kalba (PDF, 840 KB) - Magyar (PDF, 853 KB) - Malti (PDF, 823 KB) - Nederlands (PDF, 790 KB) - Norsk (PDF, 791 KB) - Polski (PDF, 826 KB) - Português (PDF, 799 KB) - Русский (PDF, 822 KB) - Slovenščina (PDF, 844 KB) - Suomi (PDF, 787 KB) - Svenska (PDF, 784 KB)


Download the project flyer as text-only in various languages:

العربية(PDF, 228 KB) - English (PDF, 292 KB) - Español (PDF, 174 KB) - Français (PDF, 182 KB) - Русский (PDF, 235 KB)