Inclusive Education in Action: Open Call for Case Studies

This is an open call to submit case studies to the Inclusive Education in Action website, a project conducted jointly by UNESCO and the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education. The project aims to provide an online resource for international policy makers working to develop equity and equal opportunities within education systems globally.

The call aims to collect written accounts of case studies from different regions that fall under one of the following themes:

  • Specific policy initiatives for inclusive education
  • Inclusive curriculum development
  • Developing inclusive learning environments
  • Educational staff professional development

The case studies should present detailed and highly structured material on key policy development in the move towards inclusive education policy and practice. The aim of the case study material is to provide detailed information from policy makers and practitioners for inclusive education, about their work and its results.

The case studies may include policy statements, descriptions and evaluations of policy developments, plans for and reflections on policy implementation. Material such as videos and photographs which compliment written accounts are welcome.

The project team will use the information you provide to consider the case study and its suitability for the website. At present, we are only able to consider your information in English, but additional/supporting material may be in any language.

There is a specific template to present your case studied. Download the case study template here, which includes the quality assurance criteria for selection.

To submit your case study, please email your materials to

For any inquiries regarding the project or the call, please contact

We are looking forward to receiving your case study!