Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion Compendium of Promising Initiatives

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The UNESCO Mobile Learning Week (MLW) 2020 Compendium of Promising Initiatives offers a platform to demonstrate promising applications and practices that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to advance inclusion and equity in education submitted to the MLW conference. These initiatives highlight the potential of AI in and for education to accelerate progress and bridge digital, gender, wealth, ability and other divides to create inclusive knowledge societies.

The compendium is structured around the  following four subthemes and the  overarching  questions  of  how  education  systems  can  integrate  AI  to  support  the  learning  and  well-being  of   diverse   populations   and   how   this   integration   can   lead   to   better   social   outcomes,   inclusive   and   equitable   quality  education  and  the  promotion  of  lifelong  learning  opportunities for all can be addressed. The fours themes are: (1)   solidifying   international   cooperation   to   promote  inclusive  access  to  AI  and  digital  innovations;  (2) leveraging AI to advance inclusion in access to quality learning  opportunities;  (3)  fostering  AI  innovations  to  enhance learning outcomes across learning settings; and (4)  ensuring  non-discriminatory  and  gender-equitable  use of AI for lifelong learning.

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