Changing Role of Specialist Provision in Supporting Inclusive Education: Mapping Specialist Provision Approaches in European Countries

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Instead of placing learners who need support in special settings, education systems are moving towards expecting mainstream education professionals to meet diverse needs (UN, 2006; European Agency, 2010; 2015; Council of the European Union, 2018).

The CROSP project identifies and analyses factors within country policy and practice that support the changing role of specialist provision towards inclusive education for all learners. Two key questions serve to examine this changing role:

  • What type of cross-sectoral policy framework is needed to effectively support the changing role of specialist provision in supporting mainstream schools to be inclusive?

  • What types of developments and reforms to different forms of separate specialist provision are required to ensure that all learners’ rights to inclusive education are effectively met?

Additionally to this report, the Agency created a CROSP infographic that illustrates what specialist provision is, why it should support inclusion in mainstream settings and how education policy can drive this change.

European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education
inclusive education, special educational needs, specialist provision
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Persons with disability
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