Inclusive School Leadership: Exploring Policies Across Europe.

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The Supporting Inclusive School Leadership (SISL) project builds on work by the European
Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education (the Agency) and wider European and
international work. It investigates how to develop and promote inclusive school-level
leadership through national and local-level policy frameworks and support mechanisms.

Three key questions guide the project activities:

  1. What policy frameworks are required to develop and support inclusive leadership across the whole education system?
  2.  What are the essential competences needed for effective inclusive leadership practice at school level?
  3. What support and professional development opportunities are required to develop and sustain effective inclusive school leaders?

The project aims to support national/local-level policy-makers/decision-makers to develop the school leader role to foster inclusive education for all learners in different policy contexts.

European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education
inclusive education systems, inclusive school leadership, educational policy, synthesis report
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