Inclusive School Leadership: A practical guide to developing and reviewing policy frameworks

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The Supporting Inclusive School Leadership (SISL) project investigates how to develop and promote inclusive school-level leadership through national and local-level policy frameworks and support mechanisms.

This document offers a framework for all who have a vision of more inclusive and equitable education for all. Its target users are policy- and decision-makers at all education system levels. It sets out a vision, guiding principles, goals, objectives and a framework of standards and supportive policy measures.

The policy framework aims to be applicable to all countries’ contexts. It is open-source, so users can adapt it to their respective contexts. Users may use the policy framework to:

  • contribute to and offer a basis for developing new policies aimed at leadership practice;
  • support the review and further development of existing policies and policy frameworks;
  • spark self-reflection.
European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education
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