Lao PDR Case Study. Situation Analysis on the Effects of and Responses to COVID-19 on the Education Sector in Asia

Lao PDR Case Study
This case study provides a snapshot of the educational responses and effects of COVID-19 in Lao PDR and is part of a comprehensive assessment of the effects of and responses to COVID-19 on the Education Sector in Asia. The case study considers the direct effects of school closures and reopening and identifies its impact on learners, their families as well as on the overall education system. It also includes an in-depth thematic deep dive looking at the distance learning response in Lao PDR during COVID-19.
UNICEF ROSA, UNICEF EAPRO, UNESCO Bangkok, Cambridge Education
out-of-school, Access to Education, adressing education
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System wide approach
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Across the education sector
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Research & Policy Papers
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