Legislative Definitions around Learners’ Needs – Policy Brief

legislative definition policy brief cover page
The Legislative Definitions around Learners Vulnerable to Exclusion activity focused on collecting and analysing information on legal definitions and descriptions used in Agency member countries. There was a particular focus on legislative definitions and descriptions around a broad vision of inclusive education for all learners.

Specifically, the activity examined how Agency member countries legally define and describe learners’ needs in terms of considering them as groups of learners with special needs or learners vulnerable to exclusion. It considered how anti-discrimination legislation and legislation for inclusive education define and/or describe learners’ needs, and explored the concept of intersectionality.

This policy brief sets out the findings from the full report, Legislative Definitions around Learners’ Needs: A snapshot of European country approaches. It concludes with key messages from the activity in relation to legislative definitions or descriptions in policy around learners’ needs across European countries.
European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education
inclusion in education, Definitions, inclusion policy
Marginalized & Vulnerable group:
All, Indigenous & Minorities, Refugees & Migrants
System wide approach, Curriculum, Gender inequalities, ICTs, Inclusive Pedagogy & Practices, Language of Instruction, Physical Learning Environment, Educational Staff Professional Development, Violence & Bullying
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Across the education sector, Early Childhood Education, Primary & Secondary, Technical & Vocational Education
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Research & Policy Papers
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