Planning to fulfil the right to education: methodological guidelines and toolkit

Planning to fulfil the right to education: methodological guidelines and toolkit
The Guidelines and Toolkit intend to offer practical guidance to ensure that the Right to Education (RTE) is at the heart of and aligned with States’ educational planning. They are built on the markers provided by the Abidjan Principles, which themselves constitute a comprehensive summary of existing international agreements on the RTE, and are designed to facilitate a comparison between these markers and educational planning documents.

The purpose of these Guidelines and Toolkit is to describe the different operational tools developed to help education stakeholders systematically collect and analyse the efforts put in place to ensure the RTE. These efforts should be central to every educational planning or programming document. The resulting analysis should also bring to light different and challenging policy gaps in education. The final goal is to mobilize all information and analyses gathered to nurture a constructive dialogue among key national stakeholders and to strengthen the RTE at national and local levels.


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