Socio emotional learning (SEL) and inclusion

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Learning to Get Along is an introductory professional development course for teachers at all levels of education focusing on social and emotional learning (SEL) and creating safe, inclusive learning environments that are free from bullying and all forms of intimidation and violence. Each module begins with a story and ends with one or more ideas for crafting a practical tool for bringing SEL into your classroom. The basic course consists of six modules and can be accessed as an open educational resource by individuals or groups free of charge beginning in February 2020. Each module will be made available in the form of a demonstration video, a set of slides (with audio), and a printable PDF document containing scripts and commentaries. Social and emotional learning at home and at school shapes the way children relate to each other and to the world.

In Module 5, the meaning and scope of ‘inclusion’ is explored in both principle and practice, with practical tips for teachers on how to rise to its multiple challenges.
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