State of the Education Report for India 2019: Children with Disabilities

Kids in a classroom that are pointing to their Nose and the Caption says "N" for Nose.
The past twenty years in India have seen
significant legal and political commitments
towards universalization of education and
right to education. This report documents the
considerable effort undertaken in the country to
protect the right to education of children with
disabilities (CWD), and outlines what remains to
be done to achieve its full realization.
Prepared by Tata Institute of Social Sciences and
commissioned by UNESCO New Delhi, the report
is based on extensive research of national and
international literature and attempts to provide
comprehensive information on the current status
of education of CWDs, evidence of achievements
and continuing concerns. It extensively draws
upon a series of thematic research studies
commissioned by UNESCO New Delhi between
2017 and 2018.
The report has taken a participatory approach
with contributions, in the form of case studies,
from specialists and those working directly in the
field. Feedback and suggestions from a series of
peer-reviews conducted with key stakeholders
have helped improve and complete the report.
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, UNESCO
status of education of children with disabilities, inclusive education, Right to education
Marginalized & Vulnerable group:
Persons with disability
System wide approach
Level of Education:
Early Childhood Education, Primary & Secondary
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Research & Policy Papers
Asia & the Pacific
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