Voices into Action: Including the Voices of Learners and their Families in Educational Decision-Making – Final Summary Report

VIA_final summary report
This final summary report outlines the methodology and the main outcomes and findings from VIA. It presents key messages for policy-makers – and for all education stakeholders – to enable meaningful participation of learners and families.

The Voices into Action (VIA) activity examined how to meaningfully involve the voices of learners and their families in educational decision-making processes. It aimed to:

  • establish the background and rationale for the widely recognised need to involve learner and family voices in decision-making;
  • identify how policy-makers and other stakeholders might meet this need in practice, in different countries and different contexts.


European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education
educational policies, Learners' voice, inclusive education policies, inclusive education systems
Marginalized & Vulnerable group:
All, Indigenous & Minorities, Refugees & Migrants, Socially & Economically excluded groups, Persons with disability
System wide approach, Curriculum, Gender inequalities, ICTs, Inclusive Pedagogy & Practices, Language of Instruction, Physical Learning Environment, Educational Staff Professional Development, Violence & Bullying
Level of Education:
Across the education sector, Early Childhood Education, Primary & Secondary
Type of Resources:
Research & Policy Papers
Europe & North America
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