Teachers as agents of change towards greater inclusion and diversity in education

it is a story by teacher Nisreen organised several awareness sessions on inclusive education  for parents of Syrian refugee students in Jordan Dahiet Prince Hassan School. Teacher Nisreen  advised parents to encourage their children to accept and believe in inclusive education as an opportunity for diversity and to leave no one behind. Teacher Nisreen, with a team from her school, participated in several workshops on inclusion and diversity in education facilitated by UNESCO. The positive impact of the first session prompted Nisreen to continue and move forward with the inclusive education plan.  At Dahiet Prince Hassan School, where there are approximately 80 students with disabilities and learning difficulties. Teachers are the key agents of change to transform education and ensure quality and inclusive education for all children in their communities regardless of their abilities or background. Over 175 teachers, school principals, counselors, resource room teachers and other school personnel from the 30 pilot schools have been part of this process and were able to then reach over 3000 people within their school communities.